Project Description


To all that have accompanied us in this project of the Buddhist Monastery in Portugal, not only in the search of a place for the monks to practice well, as also in the human and  financial support, we here express our deepest Gratitude.

Many are those who ask how they can help?

There are several ways to help the Sangha and the Project. The most immediate is the offering of food to the monks. The Buddha promoted a system that guarantees the monastic community never to split from the lay community, always depending on it for the basic requisites. Thus, to the monks, it’s not allowed to buy or obtain food other than from the alms mendicancy. The monk cannot cultivate the land or do agriculture, nor keep food from one day to the next. There is a meal calendar online –  where it is possible to make this offering, for those who wish to a offer a meal to the monks.

Another way to contribute is to help in the monastery, being possible to stay a few days in the little guesthouse. In this way, logistic help is given to the monks, besides the opportunity for the lay visitors to partake from the monastic environment, discipline and silence in the monastery. For those who wish to visit, it’s required to contact the monastery beforehand.

The other way of contributing is through monetary donations. These will cover the basic daily expenses like electricity, water, and it will help us further the construction of the Sumedhārāma Buddhist Monastery.